The Club Náutico Marina Internacional participated with rounding success in terms of participation and with top places in the 34th Spanish Championship of anchored vessel regional teams and national meet, absolute category, and 4th National Youth Open.

We thank the CNMI anglers, whose achievements have led our Club to be renowned and praised at all national and international federation levels.

We congratulate the following on their excellent progress and classifications:

Luis López Acosta for his silver medal in this championship at an individual level.

David Ochoa Sánchez for his bronze medal in this Championship at an individual level, with special mention as he classified as National Sub-Champion/ Top-level Competition and 1st in the Fishing Team of the Autonomous Community of Valencia. Congratulations Champ!!!

In the regional teams, we congratulate all the anglers of the Autonomous Community of Valencia who for yet another year made our region a standard-bearer for our country’s fishing.

1st place went to: David Ochoa Sánchez, 2nd place: Ignacio Vergel Cremades, 3rd place Eduardo Melgarejo Fernández.

These three anglers together with the following make up the fishing team of the Autonomous Community of Valencia and the CNMI fishing team: Luis López Acosta, Daniel Mendoza Paredes, Víctor Navarro, Juan J. Ortíz Lorente, Catalín Poenaru, Fco J. Ruíz Ibarra, Martín A. Perez Madrid, Domingo Tomás Sanchís, Jesús Vidal, Salvador Vidal Sánchez, José M. Medina Lucas, José M. Manzano García, Daniel García Marhuenda, Emanoil oian Deaconu, Jose Pascual Valenzuela, Mikael Paredes Alonso. We thank them all and commend them for their effort and good work, as well as the first places in the national ranking.

We would also like to congratulate our Youth team members Daniel García Serna and Antonio Jesús Imbernon Hernández, who in their first year of national level competition obtained 4th and 5th places. It was a fiercely fought competition and right up to the end they were waiting on those grams that separate you from the podium. Future number ones who are already competing at a very high level and with great talent. Congratulations guys!