Board of Directors


D. Antonio Luis Dávalos de Haro

Vice president:
D. Andres Fco. Martinez Pertusa

D. Salvador Pascual Ciller de Gea

D. Felipe Cisnero Santiago

D. Gabino Alonso Paz

Board Member for Sailing:
D. Fernando Peña Revilla

Board Member for Fishing:
D. José Eduardo Gil Rebollo

Board Member for international Relations:
Dña. Penelope Loader



Dña. Trinidad Pujante Murcia

First mate

1st Boatswain:

D. Eduardo Gil P.

2nd Boatswain:

D. Angel Manuel Losada

Ordinary Seaman:

D. Angel Clares N.

Ordinary Seaman:

D. Francisco Gil Gil

Ordinary Seaman:

D. Antonio Martínez Gil


Head of Administration – Accounting:
D. Juan Carlos Salazar Ocampo

Head of Reception:
Dña. Marta Lozano González

Sailing school

technical director:
D. Juan A. Gomáriz Solano

The opinion of our clients

Had a fabulous lunch here superb food very friendly staff look forward to my next visit
Marie Darley
Marie Darley
15:56 20 May 18
Great food with a lovely atmosphere overlooking the marina.
Miles Postgate
Miles Postgate
15:55 20 Jan 18
Good service, nice views not expensive.
Paul Gilbert
Paul Gilbert
16:36 15 Jul 17
The food here is excellent ...the sea views beautiful ....a lovely spot to spend a morning or afternoon.....!!!!
Jackie Boyall
Jackie Boyall
08:43 11 Feb 18