Once again, Club Náutico Marina Internacional has been awarded the Blue Flag. This is an important award and distinction conferred by the European Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and the association for environmental and consumer education, Asociación de Educación Ambiental y del Consumidor (Adeac) in recognition of its environmental excellence and training efforts in marinas and ports. Such recognition highlights the minimization of the environmental impact, the cleaning of Sea beds, and waste management, making them key aspects for the award of this accolade, which is seen as a reward for our efforts throughout the whole year.

On the other hand, the award of the Blue Centre distinction amounts to recognition of the Environmental Education activities we organise with schools from our Marine Life Workshops.

On 12 June, Felipe Cisneros, a member of Managing Board, and Trinidad Pujante, in her capacity as manager, received these prestigious prizes and distinctions culminating the effort invested by Club Náutico Marina Internacional to comply with the huge demands imposed on participants, which are becoming more and more stringent.

The 2017 Blue Flag International Jury has thus awarded 4,287 Blue Flags in the 49 participating countries in the northern hemisphere: 3,575 for beaches, 662 for marinas and ports, and 50 for sustainable eco-tourist boats. In the case of Spain, it has awarded 684 Blue Flags, 579 to beaches, 100 to sports marinas and 5 to sustainable sightseeing vessels, with such numbers enabling us to continue as world leaders.