Last week our Club’s President, Antonio Luis Dávalos, welcomed the Mayor of Torrevieja, Mr. Eduardo Dolón, and the Ports Engineer of the Generalitat Valenciana, Mr. Jesús Binuesa, to our installations to show them the result of the renovation and improvement works of the marine sports installations for which the plans were drawn up in January this year and approved by the Generalitat Valenciana.

This action, which has involved an investment of € 3,130,065.43 and performance in a record time of just 7 months, represents an improvement in safety for the more than 800 users with permanent moorings and an improved experience for the many tourists who moor temporarily in the installation to visit the city of Torrevieja.

The basis for the investment was the need to renovate and renew structural elements and installations which, after thirty years of use (as the original work dates back to 1989), had come to the end of their useful life. The existing accessory elements were also out-of-date or obsolete due to the passage of time and the electricity and supply installation needed to be renewed to adapt it to the current legislation.

Actions carried out

Removal and demolition of the old concrete jetties which were replaced with new ones also made in concrete, but in a prefabricated format. Renewal of all the electrical wiring, service switchboards and electrical power points of the jetties. Renewal of the water pipes and their connections. Renewal of the lighting, data and control installations, as well as renewal of all the pavements.

Improvements achieved

– Elimination of architectural barriers as the various levels that existed between the central dock and the jetties have been unified, leaving them all at the same level, also allowing, with the elimination of the existing internal breakwater, side access to the first boats on each jetty.

– Improvement in energy efficiency by installing the most modern water and electricity connections and led lighting, monitored at all times from a central control centre located in the dock services centre. This avoids poor use of resources. The ACS boiler has also been modernised, replacing the existing combustion boiler for an aerothermal boiler, classed as renewable energy.

– Adaption to the foreseeable rise in the sea level due to climate change, for which the height of the jetties has been raised by means of screed concrete jetties.

– Reduction in light pollution by means of installing low intensity beacons that project the beam of light towards the ground.

– Reduced movement of works machinery through the city centre, as the action was planned by means of the use of a pontoon-barge with a crane which moved the demolished material to the La Sal dock where it was unloaded and then returned with new elements to be installed.

The president of the CNMI, Antonio Luis Dávalos, says that he is pleased with the level of performance of the works, which have been completed in record time thanks to the excellent integration of all the people and sectors involved:

-The company ASCH Infraestructuras y Servicios S.A which was able to perform the works, resolving any unforeseen circumstances that arose due to the urgency of the project,

-The Generalitat, through the General Directorate of Ports, by greatly facilitating performance of the project,

-The CNMI workers who involved themselves to the full,

-The Club Directors with their management and support tasks.

-The Torrevieja City Council collaborator necessary for facilitating movement of the heavy-duty works vehicles.

-The members, who played a decisive role, well aware of the urgent need for the works to be carried out. With their majority support (more than 90%) in an extraordinary General Meeting held on 01/12/18 voting in favour of having model installations in a complex concessional time, aware of the great effort this would require from each of them.

“My recognition and thanks to all those mentioned. We want to show the citizens of Torrevieja our installations and that the port-city, city-port integration is a reality, for everyone to enjoy.”

Video here.