The winners in the various categories were: in ORC 1 and 2 Pez de Abril skippered by José María Meseguer (CN Portmán), in Orc 3 Equis with Manuel Gambín (RCR Cartagena) at the helm, ORC 4 Pulpo Negro skippered by Eduardo Gil (CN Marina Internacional) and in ORC E Pacharán with Pablo Barsalobre (RCR Cartagena) at the helm.

This weekend the Spanish Cruiser Championship (Murcia Region Area), organised by the Real Club de Regatas de Cartagena and the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation with the collaboration of the Sailing Federation of the Region of Murcia, was held.

After the two windward-leeward trials held on Saturday, the competition ended with a coastal regatta of 10.3 nautical miles between Cartagena dock and Las Palomas Island, with a constant southerly wind.

The result of the three trials saw the following take to the podium:

In classes 1 and 2: ‘Pez de Abril’ (CN Portmán), ‘Maverta’ (RCN Torrevieja), and ‘Kundaka’ (RCR Cartagena).

In class 3: ‘Equis’ (RCR Cartagena), ‘Cañas II’ (RCR Cartagena), and ‘Tentontú’ (RCR Cartagena).

In class 4: ‘Pulpo Negro’ (CN Marina Internacional), ‘Saleroso 2.0’ (CN Águilas), and ‘Zalata’ (RCR Cartagena).

And in class E: ‘Pacharán’, ‘Garola III’and ‘Beluga Uno, all from the RCR Cartagena.