On the morning of Friday 25 October, after the 3 rounds of this World Championship had been held in Portugal, our anglers and other participants had a few hours to rest and visit the area. A morning of well-earned leisure while they waited for the start of the Ceremony and Closing Dinner at 19:00 hours, during which the medals and trophies were presented by the Portugal Fishing Federation.

A day of celebration for our anglers who obtained impressive results, improving day by day and round by round and whose final classification has even more merit given the high professional level of their competitors.

We are therefore extremely proud of each and every one of the ten anglers who in the name of our Club and representing our country fought and defended Fishing in this 9th World Championship obtaining a final classification as WORLD RUNNERS UP AND FOURTH CLASSIFIED.

The classified teams are formed by the following anglers:

WORLD RUNNERS UP, the CNMI Torrevieja team formed by: Eduardo Melgarejo Fernandez, Víctor José Navarro Espejo, Lorenzo Melgarejo Fernandez, Ignacio Vergel Cremades and David Oltra Rodriguez.

FOURTH in the general classification, the Club Náutico Marina Internacional team formed by: Alfonso Javier Navarro Espejo, Juan José Ortiz Lorente, Martín Antonio Perez Madrid and Juan Antonio Navarro Espejo.

The Board Member for Fishing Eduardo Gil Rebollo, the Board of Directors, the Torrevieja Sports Councillor and the members of the CNMI CONGRTUALATE EVERYONE FOR THEIR EFFORT AND THE TRIUMPHS ACHIEVED, for them, for the Club and for the city of Torrevieja.

Congratulations to everyone!

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