The 30 members of our Club’s Fishing Team met last Sunday 10 September to take part in the 5th Round of the Anchored Vessel Fishing Trial. Divided among a total of 9 boats, the participants met at 7:00 to head towards the fishing zone off Punta Prima, as poor weather conditions were forecast for the day.

After a 4-hour round, the catches were weighed in at 12:30 and proved to be abundant.

The first classified were:

1º. – David Ochoa Sánchez, on the boat “Los Minguetes”, with a catch of 6,340 g.
2º. – Victor J. Navarro Espejo, skipper of the boat “El Salvador”, with a weight of 6,550 g.
3º.-Salvador Vidal Fernandez, skipper of the boat “Pichim” with a weight of 3,900 g.

David Ochoa, caught the largest fish in the competition, with a weight of 880 g.

Congratulations to all the participants and, especially, to the winners.

Classification: Link here.