A total of 21 anglers who form part of the CNMI fishing team set sail on Sunday 10 February to participate in the 2nd Round of our Individual Anchored Vessel Fishing Trial with a total of 7 vessels.

As usual, the skippers’ meeting was held at 6:30 h, during which the last instructions for the round were given. The fishing area for this competition was “Los Junquicos”.

The boats set sail at 7:00 h and the competition started at 8:00 h and finished at 12:00 h, completing a total of 4 hours per round. The participants had to be at the weigh-in by 12:30 h and later on refreshments were served.

The winner of the 2nd Round of the Individual Anchored Vessel Fishing Trial was Emanoil Deaconu and the winner of the largest fish, with more than 750 g, was Javier Navarro Espejo.

The total catch exceeded a weight of 170 kg and was donated to the Torrevieja Alimentos Solidarios soup kitchen.

Many thanks to all the anglers for taking part!