As usual for this time of the year the large family of the Club Náutico Marina Internacional (International Yacht Club) of Torrevieja meets as Christmas is approaching to celebrate together these cherished days and for that reason, on the night of Friday 9 December, the Christmas dinner was held as usual served by the Restaurant “La Casa del Reloj” of San Pedro del Pinatar. It was attended by more than a hundred people, including owners of mooring points, the board, authorities, participants of the competitions and friends. The climax of the event was a fun Karaoke, and it was a total success in terms of participation and a great atmosphere to start celebrating Christmas together in a joyful and friendly atmosphere. The occasion was used to award the prizes for the Seabream Competition held last 21 August and the anchored vessel Competition, Total Weight modality held last 20 November. The trophies and awards were also handed out for the League of Species 2015 and 2016 sponsored by Ocean Tours, with the company Bar y Pesca collaborating with the CNMI in all the awards.

The Seabream competition ended as follows:

1st place: Amazona vessel, captain: David Oltra Rodriguez.

2nd place: Gaser vessel, captain: Daniel García Marhuenda.

3rd place: Padrinos vessel, capitain: Miguel Lucas Sanchez

Largest catch: Padrinos vessel, captain: Miguel Lucas Sanchez

In the anchored vessel competition, Total Weight modality, the result

1st place: Duna vessel, captain: Ignacio Vergel Cremades.

2nd place: Pichim vessel, captain: Salvador Vidal Fernandez.

3rd place: Delfín vessel, captain: Eduardo Melgarejo Fernandez

Largest catch: El Viajero vessel, captain Carlos Bernabe Navarro.

League of Species 2015

1st place: David Manuel Campos.

2nd place: Ignacio Vergel Cremades.

3rd place: Francisco Miguel Gonzalez
Prize for the best captain: David Manuel Campos.

Prize for the best catch: David Manuel Campos

League of Species 2016

1st place: Mikael Paredes

2nd place: Ignacio Vergel

3rd place: Daniel García Marhuenda
Prize for the best captain: David Manuel Campos

Prize for the best catch: Sergio Navarro Mirete


The Club Nautico Marina International also wanted to thank the work done by the Fishing Delegate, David Manuel Campos, in these years and for the achievements. We want to thank everyone who shared this Christmas dinner, in a fantastic and very special atmosphere.

More pictures here.