10:00 a.m. on Saturday 28th May 2022, the ballot box is opened, presided by Mr. José Ignacio Gómez Quintana, located in the Tower of the Club Náutico Marina Internacional, to start the voting by the members, for the election of the new Board of Directors and its president..


An important day took place on Saturday 28th May at the CNMI facilities, with the voting for the election of the new Board of Directors and President of the club for the next four years.

Two candidates stood for election to lead the Club, and by a large majority Mr. Antonio Luis Dávalos reelected the new Board of Directors and President of the Club for the next four years. Antonio Luis Dávalos has revalidated his mandate, as well as his Board of Directors, with some of its members renewing their positions and others joining the new project.

Voting day; Club members went to the CNMI Tower from 10:00 to 14:00 hours to exercise their right to vote and decide who would preside the Club until 2026.

At 14:00 hours, the time for voting by the members came to an end, and the votes were counted, moments of uncertainty, at 14:45 hours, after the relevant checks by the members of the polling station, the result was communicated to those present, and the president of the polling station took the minutes, with the result of 132 votes in favor of Mr. Antonio Luis Dávalos de Haro. 196 votes cast, of which 1 blank vote.

Today, Friday, after the deadline for allegations stipulated in the electoral calendar, the Electoral Board officially proclaims Mr. Antonio Luis Dávalos de Haro and his Board of Directors as winners of these elections, being legitimized by their members at the ballot box to lead the Club Náutico Marina Internacional for the next four years. This being his 4th candidacy to be re-elected as President of the CNMI.


Board of Directors elected:

PRESIDENT: Mr. Antonio Luis Dávalos de Haro, member nº 813

VICEPRESIDENT: Mr. Andres Fco Martinez Pertusa, member nº 918

SECRETARY: Mr. Salvador Pascual Ciller de Gea, member nº 1289

TREASURER: Mr. Gabino Alonso Paz, member nº 513

COMMODORE: Mr. Juan Jose García Bueno, member nº 1143

SAILING REPRESENTATIVE: Mr. Joaquín García Aniorte, member nº 1532

FISHING REPRESENTATIVE: Mr. Victoriano Jose Navarro Espejo, member nº 1490

ROWING REPRESENTATIVE: Mr. Jose A. Fructuoso Lorenzo, member nº 739

CANOOEING REPRESENTATIVE: Mr. Victor Riera Marcos, member nº 1523

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS REPRESENTATIVE: Mrs. Penelope Anne Loader, member nº 645

REPRESENTATIVE: Ms. Viviana Mariel Hopkinson, member nº 1303

REPRESENTATIVE: Mr. Gonzalo Valdés Ayesta, member nº 1249

REPRESENTATIVE: Mr. Ignacio Vergel Cremades, member nº 1541


The Board of Directors thanks the members of the CNMI for their support and confidence.


Thank you