At the request of the members’ group“Yayo Regatas, last Saturday 28 July the CNMI coordinated the “1st YAYO REGATA TRIAL” in collaboration with the following companies and professionals: Trabajos Subacuáticos J.A. Seva Guillen, Electricidad Risueño, Distribuidora Económica de Torrevieja, Mudanzas Castillo, and Despensa Salmantina. Both sailing and motor boats competed in the event.

The course ran between: LA BELLA LOLA and a buoy placed off CALA CAPITÁN, a total of approximately 7 nautical miles. With a high level of participation, in this first edition of this TRIAL we had a total of 20 boats, 16 sailing boats and 4 motor boats.

At 10:30h the skippers’ meeting took place at the Club installations, attended by both skippers and participants together with the Sailing Board Member to receive instructions about the organisation of the event. Four groups were formed, each consisting of 4 sailing boats and 1 motor boat, who would compete for the best score (motor boats) and arrival classification (sailing boats), as well as the best boat fancy dress and best individual fancy dress.

The sailing boats set off at 11:45h, followed 15m later by the motor boats which during the outgoing course went towards the buoy at Cala Capitán collecting the scoring balls launched overboard by the sailing boats.

The classification was made by adding the arrival scores of the sailing boats and the scores of the balls collected by the motor boats.

After the sailing/motor boat points had been added up, the winner was the team formed by:“Trocadero”, “Zidac-1”,” Bernique”, “Atolón III”, and“Archeles”.

At 14:30h they all enjoyed a paella prepared to celebrate the presentation of trophies and prizes, an event attended by more than 150 people who had taken part in the day’s events, both participants in the Open Doors Session held to mark the extension of the Sailing School installations, and participants and friends of the 1st Yayo Regata Trial, as well as members who wanted to join in the event. During the lunch, the best “1st Yayo Regata” team/boat fancy dress and the best individual fancy dress were judged.

The best boat fancy dress prize was shared by Bernique and Pagaza and the best individual fancy dress went to Mr. Nelson Crespo from the boat “Sogai” from the CNMI.

We thank the collaborators for their help as thanks to their contributions we were able to organise this 1st Yayo Regata trial.

Thanks all!