Next Sunday the 2nd Round of the Doubles Anchored Vessel Trial will be held. The second of a total of four rounds after which the two first classified doubles will participate in the Spanish Championship of this event in 2020.

The skippers’ meeting will take place in the entrance porch area of the Port control tower at 6:00 h, during which the doubles and the location for the participating vessels will be indicated.

This Sunday’s round will last from 7:00 h to 11:00 h, after which the catches will be taken to the Control Tower area where the corresponding weigh-in will be carried out (with the numberings assigned based on the individual trial), the classifications will be made and then refreshments will be served.

A total of four rounds will take place in the year. Each round will last for four hours and one of them can be eliminated (either by not participating in one of the four rounds scheduled in the calendar or the round with the worst score).